Yes, we are doing what you think we are doing.

This is “Teriyaki.” I call her that because of an inside joke between us. I met her back in July of this year. It all started with this text:

Screenshot_20200720-160444_LI (2)
The text that started it all.

It’s been a lot of fun hanging around her and getting to know her, and I can’t complain about the sex, there’s been plenty of it, and she’s pretty open-minded about trying and doing new and different things.

The woman has gone through some things in her life, some of them are totally out of her control, because sometimes shit just does happen, and some of the things are her doing. Watching her as she talks about those things, what she has learned about those things and herself, I think she’s seriously wanting to change her life around compared to when she was much younger. Let’s just say that her actions are speaking louder than her words when it comes to cleaning her life up.

I’m bringing her up today because of a post that I read earlier. Madd Monk is a blog that I follow and I read when he posts something. I haven’t read all of his stuff yet, but from what I gather, he’s a younger guy who got divorced, took the Red Pill, has been owning his shit, and has been learning game and spinning plates to one degree or another. I like reading his blog because he’s actually a really good writer. I feel like I’m right there, listening to him say what he’s got to say. His blog is mostly about his different adventures with the different women that he’s met over the last several months and how he feels about them and about himself. He’s definitely a guy who is blogging his own personal journey with women.

On one of his latest posts, he had this to say:

I genuinely enjoy Midwest’s [one of his girls -ed.] company whether we’re having sex or not. That’s enough for me to keep her around. I don’t feel drained when I’m around her.

I get where he’s coming from. While I enjoy random, casual sex with what my ex-wife referred to as my “strange women,” I also enjoy them for their company. I don’t always have to have sex, and sometimes I’m just not in the mood, although it doesn’t take much for me to get in the mood. That’s one of many things that I like about Teriyaki. We don’t just have sex. We have conversations and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. She’s actually fun to be around.

Nipple Alert

One of the things that I noticed pretty early on with her is that she is comfortable with silence. She doesn’t feel the need to fill up the empty space between us with a lot of conversation and sound. When I’m working on something like a video or a blog post, she’s perfectly content to do her own thing. She doesn’t need constant communication and constant talk. Just being in some form of proximity is good enough for her.

I like that about her. When I was married, my ex-wife couldn’t stand silence and so she constantly talked. She once told me, “There wasn’t an unspoken thought in her head,” and she wasn’t kidding. Having to constantly listen and keep track of all the babble that came out of that woman’s mouth was exhausting to say the least. I tried for a while, but eventually gave up as it became too much for me to keep track of everything going on in my own head, let alone her head. The only time that my ex-wife would shut up was when one of her favorite TV shows was on. Then at least I wouldn’t have to hear her ramble on about whatever was rattling around in her head. Until it was commercial time, then let the onslaught commence. That’s how it was for the entire duration of our marriage.

My ex-girlfriend was good with silence and was good with doing her own thing too. I didn’t have to listen and keep up with every little thought that ran around in her head. Teriyaki is no different. I guess I’m doing something “right.” It goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

My whole point of writing this post isn’t to wax poetically about Teriyaki, but it is to say that I know that I look for more than “just sex.” I may not be looking for monogamy and “playing house,” and while a fast “pump and dump” is nice on occasion, I mostly look for a stronger connection than just a sexual one. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I sometimes wonder if one of the reasons that guys will readily and willingly jump into monogamy and commitment isn’t just because of thirst and the availability of easy sex, but is also because they sometimes stumble upon someone, at least early on, who they genuinely enjoy being around, or they think that they enjoy being around. Someone that they can have a conversation and do stuff with as well as have sex with.

I’m pretty sure that this is the case to one degree or another, but I felt it needed to be said. Sometimes the guys on the internet get so caught up in “only banging 9’s and 10’s” and what is or isn’t “Alpha,” and painting green lines on pictures, and pointing out that the more you lean, the bigger simp you are, that they forget why they are there.

It isn’t about leaning or not leaning, it isn’t about what is or isn’t alpha, it’s about creating connections. Whether those connections only last for a few hours, or they last for years, it’s about creating connections.

Hopefully some of those guys that I previously mentioned will see this and read it and it’ll help them get themselves back on course.

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“No True…”

a man in red shirt covering his face

Guys, I’m tired. I’m tired of hearing guys banging on about “As a man..,” “As a patriot..,” “It’s your job..,” “Life is a struggle…”

Stop it. Just. Stop.

You live in a time and place where you have the luxury to bemoan the fact that you can’t get laid. You live in a world where all, and I mean all of your comforts are taken care of for you. Stop bitching about it and fucking enjoy it.

I’m tired of hearing about guys banging on about their ancestors. You know what? Your ancestors didn’t know you, they don’t know you now, because they are dead, and they had their own problems to deal with back in the day and so they probably didn’t give a shit about you or your problems.

Instead of Live Action Role Playing your life, why don’t you just shut the fuck up and live your fucking life? I don’t know what your ancestors would think about you LARPing on the internet, but I know what your peers think.

They think you are an idiot and a goddamn pussy. They probably think you are pathetic too. Here you are, sitting around on social media with your avatar of Julius Caesar, acting like you know anything. You are a joke. You are an imbecile. And that’s how you are viewed. Nobody takes you seriously. I know I sure don’t.

You haven’t lived long enough to talk about the shit you are talking about and it shows. Get some more life experience by actually going out and living life instead of sitting around on the internet talking about things that you know absolutely nothing about. Go out and live for several years and then come back and talk to me about your fucking ancestors, society, honor, virtue, and all that bullshit that you are currently flapping your gums about.

Stop using shame language to get people to see your point of view. “A real man..” Would shut the fuck up and let other men decide how they are going to live their lives. “A masculine man..” wouldn’t care what other men think or do. He’s doing his own thing, whatever that is. “As a man…” doesn’t mean shit, bud. Just because you are a man, and I’m using that term loosely, doesn’t give you any street cred or clout. Who gives a shit.

Reading a couple of quotes on stoicism off of the internet or reading a book on stoicism doesn’t make you a stoic. Acting like it does make you an idiot though.

Reading a couple of books on “pick up” doesn’t make you a pick up artist. Going out, approaching women, getting rejected, doing it over and over again, and eventually having success, does.

Instead of sitting on social media talking about shit that you know little to nothing about, how about actually getting off social media and actually learning about those things you want to talk about? Then come back and see what happens.

How about doing something that is actually useful instead of just contributing to the noise ratio?

Nah, that takes time, work, and effort. Far easier to sit on social media and pull shit out of your ass and act like you know that 1+1=2.

Come back and talk to me when you are 35 years old or older. Hopefully you’ve had some life experience by that time and you’ll sort of have a clue what you are talking about.

Stop worrying about your “personal brand,” it doesn’t matter anyway, not in the long run. Start figuring out how to be genuinely authentic. Nobody likes a LARPER except another LARPER, and if that’s what you want, that’s fine, just realize that all you and your LARPing buddies are doing is jacking each other off.

Let me paint that picture for you since you miserable fucks irritate me so much:

There you are, sitting next to your LARPing buddy, he’s got his big, hard, throbbing cock out. It’s veinous and pulsating. You lick your hand and fingers in order to give him some lube..And then you gingerly grip his throbbing cock and begin to stroke. You start slow at first, feeling how hard he is. You pick up speed as you listen to him moan and writhe in pleasure. Faster and faster you go. Your buddy is gasping and telling you not to stop. He’s so close to coming. You beat him off furiously until he bucks his hips and comes all over your hand. You can feel the hot, wet, sticky come run down your fingers.

As an added bonus, you pull your fingers to your mouth and you lick your buddies come off of your fingers.

There you go. That’s what it’s like when you are talking your shit on the internet. You’re jacking your buddy off and licking up his come.

Are you thoroughly disgusted and reviled? Good.

Now, stop acting like an idiot, get off the internet, and go start living your life.

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The Struggle Is Real

man looking at the mirror in holding his face

And ultimately, nobody gives a shit about your struggles except you.

Life is a struggle, always has been, always will be. We look for meaning in our struggles, we look for why we struggle. In short, we look for answers.

Here’s the thing though:

Life is a struggle and sometimes, most of the time, it’s completely random. The universe isn’t “punishing you” for past crimes and digressions. There isn’t a being or a deity “out there” that’s keeping tabs on your thoughts and doings and then acting accordingly.

The universe, as far as I know, isn’t beneficient or malevolent. As far as I know, it’s not even sentient. It just IS. It’s completely indifferent to you, me, and any and all of our suffering. So why bang on about your suffering? Why carry on talking about something that only you care about?

Life is a struggle and it’s random most of the time and in many cases, it’s unavoidable. It’s as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. It’s the wet to water. It just is. Why dwell on it and carry on about it? Nobody gives a shit.

If our lives are a struggle, why not look for the pleasure that can be found instead? Why not look for those little moments of joy? Why waste your precious time worrying and bemoaning your struggle?

I know you have your struggles and your problems, but let me tell you about mine…

Nobody gives a shit about your struggles except you. The sooner you can come to accept this, the sooner you struggle less and life gets better. It doesn’t necessarily get easier, but it gets better.

You get to struggle for most of your life and it never ends. You don’t get to sleep, you only get to rest occasionally and god forbid you let your guard down, because if and when you do, some asshole will come along and take everything away that you worked so hard to attain and achieve.

You know what? Maybe that’s all true, but it sounds absolutely exhausting to me. If that’s the case, why even bother?

Gotta struggle, gotta hustle, gotta make that fucking money. Why? And for what? What is the end goal of it all for you? Why are you doing anything?

The only thing more boring to me than traditional conservatives banging on about “Saving the West” and how “As a Man,” you should be a better provider and plow horse, is guys banging on about “The Struggle.”

Nobody gives a shit about your struggles except you. Want to dry up the pussy? Talk about virtues, politics, religion, and “the struggle.” See how fast you’re not going to get laid.

You can’t avoid the struggle because all of life is a struggle, so burying your head in the sand is futile. But so is yammering on about it and complaining about it. Might as well accept it and then move the fuck on and get down to the business of enjoying life.

Look for the pleasures that life has to offer, because there are so many of them out there that you will never have enough time in your lifetime to enjoy them all. Can’t find the pleasures? Bullshit. You’re not looking hard enough. Still can’t find the pleasures? Then create them for yourself.

The sooner that you realize that all of life is a struggle, which is often random and meaningless, and that nobody cares about your struggles except you, the sooner you can get down to the business of actually enjoying your life. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or even time. In most cases, you can find the pleasure in things that are completely free and only take a moment out of your day.

Get up early and go watch a sunrise. I did that right before I sat down and wrote this blog post. I woke up, went outside with a cup of hot chocolate and just sat and watched the sunrise. It didn’t cost me anything to do it and it only took about 10 minutes out of my day. It was pleasurable as hell to just sit there, do absolutely nothing, and watch the sunrise. Now I’m ready to carry on with the rest of my day. If I think about it, maybe I’ll watch the sunset this evening. Take another 10 minutes out of my day and do nothing but watch. Maybe I’ll add a cigar and a drink in there for some extra pleasure. Who knows.

Nobody cares about your struggles except you.

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