Happy Thanksgiving 2020

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for Thanksgiving. 2020 has brought us more than we bargained for and more than we anticipated. In all honesty, I almost wish that I could go to sleep for most of this last year and wake up next year.

The problem is, most of this “change” isn’t going to go away any time soon, much less just because of a calendar change. Changing a “0” to a “1” in this case isn’t going to do anything.

I wanted to take a moment and give thanks to the people that have showed up in my life so far:

Thanks to Vince, TJ, Aaron, and James. You guys rock and you are my Brothers. I could write entire blog posts about you guys, but I don’t have the time and I don’t think most people would have the energy or the patience to read it.

Thanks to Nick August for giving me a chance at doing some fiction writing in PunchRiot.com I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far, and I plan to continue doing it if you’ll have it. Also thanks to Nick for putting Let ‘Em Burn on the map. It’s been great talking with you on that show and I look forward to continuing doing that with you.

Thanks to BullRush for coming out to visit me in January of this year. I’m honored and privileged to have met you. I’m glad that Nick brought you on to Let ‘Em Burn and that you are a co-host with me. You add an element to the show that was missing, and I look forward to creating more with you. Keep working on those razors of yours, they are truly special and I prize mine every time I use it.

Thanks to Jack Napier from Red Evening. You are my younger brother that I never had. It’s been an awesome year so far with all the shit that we talk about and I’m really excited for whatever is in store for us next year. We are truly living “Life After The Red Pill.”

Thanks to Matt “FreeMatt” for coming out and visiting with me during the pandemic. You are another brother from another mother for me. Your willingness to listen and to learn and to give your take on things is a gift. I told you while you were out here that being around you and talking with you was an honor, a gift, and a privilege, and I meant that then and I mean it now. Keep doing your thing my friend, you are doing good things whether you know it or not.

Thanks to all of the guys that show up every time that I go “on air.” You guys in the chat are a big reason why I keep doing what I do. You could choose a whole bunch of other content to watch and interact with and yet you choose some of mine. That’s not lost on me. Thank you for your time and your attention. Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Thanks to Chest Rockwell for driving your ass all the way to Salt Lake to bring me beer. Dude, you have no idea how much that meant to me. You are an amazing man in your own right, you’re incredibly intelligent, and I’m honored that you came out to meet me, Vince, TJ, and all of the other guys that came out to Village by the Lake. I’m honored to call you a friend and I look forward to future “adventures.” Maybe this next time I’ll come to you, only I’m not fucking driving. Interstate 80 is way too lonely and I’m way to easy to tempt to go down that road. I’ll fly instead.

Thanks to everybody else that I have interacted with this year so far. You guys fucking rule. Mike in FL, HSG, Bacon, Amos, Red Crusader, Rian Stone, Rollo, Carl, Caio and Jesse, Conk, John Steele, Nick S, David West, Joe Curl, Doc Perrodin, Cris Von Erik, Joe Dolio, Skip, Stephen Storey, Sterling Cooper, and all of my guys that are learning and teaching each other game, all of you rock. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll do the same. My apologies in advance if I have missed anyone.

I’ll have more shit to talk about I’m sure. More rants to record and write down, and even some more fiction for those of you who like my take on that stuff.

And lastly I want to thank Teriyaki for showing up and being a part of my life so far. You are crazy, but you are my kind of crazy. You are weird, but you’re my kind of weird and you get my sick, twisted humor and the fact that my life is a soundtrack. Here’s to more good times.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Eat the good food and drink the good drinks. Enjoy.


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Cutting Through It All

These are anchovies and they are delicious

“You gotta way of cutting through it all.” – Sassed12Many, on my latest video of “When You Want For Nothing.”

I’ve always tried to pride myself on cutting through the bullshit. That’s because I’ve seen and read enough fluff over the years to kill a horse and to take many lifetimes to go through.

I’ve always been a voracious reader. I’ve read a lot of books on a lot of different subjects. Most of those books are decent on the topics that they cover, but I’m always looking for “the nugget.”

The Nugget: That little piece of wisdom, content, or advice that you can put to use in your life.

Most books I have read use a lot of flowery language, fluff talk, and basically take chapters to say what could have been said in a paragraph or two. A lot of what is called, “filler.” Lately I’ve been noticing the same thing in tutorial videos. Guys rambling on for 10 or 15 minutes before getting to the point. I don’t care about why you created the fucking video, I don’t need your life story, just show and tell me what it is that I’m looking for.

“Click here, tab over there, fill the box in here, hit the save button, then close out. Done.”

That’s what I look for in my tutorials and in most of my non-fiction literature as well. Teach me a skill in as few and as simplistic steps as possible so that I can implement whatever it is and then get on with my life.

I cut through the bullshit because I don’t want to waste my time. I’ve got shit to do. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been like that. I can be so blunt sometimes that people get intimidated by it and sometimes take offense to it.

“Geez, it’s ‘My way or the Highway’ with you.”

No, it’s not. You asked a question and you got an answer. Sorry not sorry that I didn’t fluff it and sugarcoat it for you.

If you didn’t want to know, don’t ask me.

Part of the reason that I think that I’m this way is because of what happened back in 2015 and then at the end of 2018. Late November or early December of 2015 is when I found out that my Mother had stage 4 ovarian cancer.

I remember I was at my second job, talking to a girl I was seeing at the time, when my Dad called. He said that he had taken my Mom to the hospital and that he needed to speak to me, but wanted to do it face-to-face. I asked him what was wrong and he wouldn’t tell me until I could see him in person. That wasn’t going to happen until the next day.

I got off the phone with him and called my Mom instead and asked her what the hell was going on. She gave it to me straight. Stage 4 ovarian cancer. It didn’t look good for her.

My Mom died in September of 2018 from complications from that cancer and my ex-girlfriend broke up with me two weeks before my Mom died.

If I can survive those things, I can take anything you want to throw at me. It literally doesn’t get worse than a major break up followed almost immediately by a death. Yet I’m still here. I’m still standing. I literally survived the worst thing that could happen to me.

So I can cut through it all. I don’t mince words very often because I have no need to. I can take whatever you have to throw at me, because what is worse than two “deaths” back to back? Maybe three or four “deaths” back to back? You know what? If that happens I’ll survive them too.

I don’t think I’m “bulletproof,” but I’m damn close. You don’t get that way living with your head in the sand and wanting someone to hold your hand. You get it from living life, getting the wind knocked out of you, getting knocked on your ass a time or two, and then getting back up and dusting yourself off.

I “cut through it all” because I know myself for the most part. I cut through it all because that is all I’ve ever wanted other’s to do for me. Just say it to me straight. Hit me right between the eyes with it. It’s okay. It may knock the wind out of me, but unless it kills me, I’ll get back up and dust myself off. And if it kills me, then all of my problems are over and I don’t need to worry now, do I?

Now I write blog posts and create videos where I hopefully “cut through it all.” I want to give what I know about a certain topic to you, the reader or watcher, as short, sweet, and to the point as possible. I’m hoping you learn from my mistakes and my successes as well and that you find “the nugget” in it that you can take and apply to your lives.

I’m giving it to you the way that I have always someone to give it to me. Straight and to the point. No bullshit.

According to Sassed12Many, I’m succeeding in that. Thank you for the feedback, Good Sir, it’s much appreciated.

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This was the first poll

Definition of ideal

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1a: of, relating to, or embodying an ideal: ideal beauty

b: conforming exactly to an ideal, law, or standard PERFECT an ideal gas— compare REAL sense 1c(4)

2a: existing as a mental image or in fancy or imagination only broadlylacking practicality

b: relating to or constituting mental images, ideas, or conceptions

3: of or relating to philosophical idealism

4: existing as an archetypal idea



Definition of ideal (Entry 2 of 2)

1: a standard of perfection, beauty, or excellence

2: one regarded as exemplifying an ideal and often taken as a model for imitation

3: an ultimate object or aim of endeavor GOAL

4: a subset of a mathematical ring that is closed under addition and subtraction and contains the products of any given element of the subset with each element of the ring

I did a two-part poll the other day as I wanted to see what people would be willing to die for. Check out the screen shot above. Twitter would only let me have four options total, and so I had to combine a couple of the items into one item each.

What got me to thinking and ultimately doing this first part of the poll was a scene from Full Metal Jacket.

In the scene, a couple of soldiers had been killed in combat. The main characters of the story, Joker, Rafter Man, Doc J, Animal Mother, and a couple of others were standing around the corpses, paying their last respects.

Rafter Man: “Well at least they died for a good cause.”

Animal Mother: “What cause was that?”

Rafter Man: “Freedom?”

Animal Mother: “Flush out your head gear new guy, you think we waste gooks for freedom? This is a slaughter. If I’m going to get my balls blown off for a word, my word is poontang.”

When I did this poll, everything except “poontang” is an ideal. Social Justice is an ideal. We can’t hold it in our hands, we can’t touch it. We are going to disagree about what it is and what it means. The same can be said about Duty and Honor, and God and Country. None of those things mean the same to everyone. You can’t touch or hold any of them, you can’t take them home with you, except in your head.

A lot of people replied to my first part of the poll asking why “Freedom” wasn’t on the list. At the time I had forgotten about that one and I didn’t want to cancel the poll all in order to do another one. I have a feeling that had I done that, even more people would have voted for an ideal that they would be willing to die for. Yes, our beloved freedom is an ideal too. You can’t touch it, taste it, hold on to it, put it in your pocket and take it home with you. In fact, I’m positive that what you define as freedom is going to be different from my definition of freedom.

When the poll ended, I put up a new poll the next day:

Second part of the poll

I know that there were more respondents to my first poll than my second poll. I’m not claiming any sort of scientific analysis here. I’m sure that there were people who voted on one poll and didn’t vote on the other. I’m sure that some people voted on both and probably voted consistently. However, the difference here is exactly what I thought it would be.

Throw pretty words at someone and they will side with it. Use a nebulous term such as “ideal” and nobody wants to die for an ideal.

And yet you do.

You are willing to die for social justice, duty and honor, god and country, and the beloved freedom that didn’t even make it into the original poll. All of these things are ideals and nothing more.

I chose “poontang” not because pussy is the be-all-end-all, but because it’s tangible. It’s something we can all agree on what it is. Everybody knows it when they see it. We can touch it, taste it, feel it, and in a tongue and cheek sort of way, we can put it in our pockets and take it home with us.

The only other reply that I saw in my first poll that made sense to me was being willing to die for your family and children. Your family is tangible. They are your flesh and your blood. When it comes to children they are your offspring and the future, so I get that one. All of the others are just words. Container words to be exact. None of them have any inherent meaning except what you give them, and what duty, god, country, honor, or even freedom, is going to be different for you as compared to me.

Politicians, persuaders, cult leaders, sales people, conmen, grifters, and all sorts of others that may not have your best interests in mind know this. The question is, do you?

Not according to what my two non-scientific impromptu polls indicate. Most of you are willing to die for something that is nothing more than a word, a container word at that. An ideal.

I don’t consider that there was a “right” or “wrong” answer when it came to these polls. You die for whatever you want to die for. I know for me, if I’m going to die for something, it’s going to be more than just a word with some feelings attached to it. I’m going to die for something tangible.

“If I’m going to get my balls blown off for a word, my word is pootang.”

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