What is a man?

This not not me jumping on the Matt Walsh bandwagon to try and define the sexes.

This is my 2 cents on the question of makes a real man.

The question is a trope and the answer is whatever fits the person asking it his or her agenda.

See men have the tendency to prove ourselves. 

To prove our worth, strength, intelligence, honor and or masculinity.

Which is exactly what the purpose of that whole question is.

You’re a MAN aren’t you? You’re big and strong aren’t you? Only a REAL MAN would do xyz! This is the stuff a REAL MAN drinks.

It’s a shaming tactic, that’s it.

It using your innate urge to prove and or defend yourself as a man towards the one presenting the measurement.

And it’s all worthless.

I got to this conclusion in Portugal where the local who helps out here invited us for dinner and wanted to end of with a shot of vodka.

Now even though The 48 laws of power have been ingrained in my psyche and I know to think as a like but behave as others, I can’t hold vodka for some odd reason so I thanked him and declined.

He was also the type that would say one and then tell you Portuguese tradition can’t allow you to just have one so it was a damnit if I do damned if I don’t thing anyway.

He offered again and I ever so kindly said no thank you.

To which he responded:

A real man DRINKS this! He DRINKS after his meal’

Guess my mother was more of a man than I’ll ever be.

But this got me thinking.

Here’s a simple farmer who’s very handy when it comes to hard labor, but looks like shit, divorced, lives together with his mother and has an on and off again ongoing thing with an alcoholic single mother who shags away when she’s not in Portugal. 

Now this is not to dunk on the guy, he’s WAY stronger than I’ll ever be, but there are area’s where if he was what a real man is I wouldn’t sign off on it.

Yet here he was questioning my manhood.

Now I know why, I OF COURSE was a REAL MAN and therefore I SHALL DRINK!

Little did he know that since I dabble in the Manosphere I couldn’t give 2 shits if I were a man or not according to someone’s standards.

I know plenty of tough guys who don’t cross the 6ft marker. And I’ve heard one needs to be at least that tall to ride the real man train.

So to me that’s what that whole question and challenge is, a trope. A shaming tactic to get you to act according to someone else’s wishes.

Mostly women, but every now and then a man who doesn’t like to hear no.

And what do I think a real man is?

Beats me.

And frankly I don’t care.

Is that masculine? Dunno.

All I know is that I usually measure things in the authority one has over one’s own choices and the responsibility of consequences of those choices that person takes.

No,I will stay seated. Thank you

Since it’s father’s day and the world is all up in arms on how father’s need to step up and women can be fathers too I decided to throw in my 2 cents on the whole responsibility thing.

Also a warm and honest thank you to all the fathers who are there for their kids. And to all fathers who went through hell or are going through it right now my heart goes out to you.

And to my own father, who is a very frustrating annoying old man. I love you.

As I frequently read The Daily wire to stay informed on what you Yanks are doing and therefor what the rest of the world will suffer through I can’t help but being drawn to conservative websites.

Economically they favor my leanings, so yeah.

But as with most conservatives they should really shut the fuck up about societal relationship issues because

They think like women

And as women they refuse any sort of responsibility on the fairer sex and leave that all to the men.

It is MEN who need to step up, men who are not being responsible and men who are not growing up.


*It’s not mothers needing to make better choices or owning up to that choice by staying with the dad and letting him see his fucking kids. No, dad should have just taken responsibility and let the bitch know she’s out of hand just before she called the cops and called him the aggressor. 


To which I ask

Why should we?

What do I get in return?

Guys like me are being called lost boys, Peter Pan syndrome boys, irresponsible, men children and the list goes on.

But have they ever stopped and wondered WHY we act like we do?

WHY does a guy like Jack just get an entry level job with low but stable pay, house hack with a family member, play video games, lift and collect Lego’s?

Because all the fairer sex has to offer these days is sex and I can get that by my looks and charm alone.

No girl ever asked what car I drive, what my mortgage is, what my education level is or if I do or do not want kids.

At least not on the first date or even second or third.

All the rest is usually debt, drugs, bad experiences, bad ideas and worst of all an attitude.

Why would I give up my semi luxury life to live in that maelstrom?

Because conservatives and feminists alike believe the same damn thing.

You need to step up and carry that weight.

Now conservatives don’t know this, because they just blindly follow their virtues and are happy the woman they did marry at 30 want to touch their peepee so they wouldn’t dare oppose wifey.

And feminist are just lazy spoiled children who want mommies freedom without daddies authority holding them responsible. 

And that my dear reader is where you come in.

YOU need to TAKE responsibility, not BE responsible. No, that’s how they sell it to you because aren’t you a man!? Isn’t that what a MAN does?!

All to get you to TAKE responsibility for the actions taken by mindless children who don’t want to face the consequences.

Or to shame fathers into working harder than they need to keep wifey happy or to demonize fathers who were put OUT of the house because she wasn’t haaaaappy. It’s never women who need to appreciate the dads.

For married man with children I’d advice you to the Married Red Pill Archive Or Rian Stone’s Youtube Channel.

My thoughts and opinions are mostly about the single guy.

This is why Game and TRP are so demonized.

It teaches men to pluck the fruits of 60 years of social engineering and not ending up taking the fall for something women should have been taking agency over from the start.

Single mom and Tyrone got you pregnant? Not my problem

Bad choice in college and stuck with student loan debts so you can’t get a mortgage? Not my problem

Lay count nearing the 100 and now ready to settle down? Not my problem

Alone late at night while snookers the cat just hisses at you because your breath smells like loneliness? Not my problem.

Economically successful, have the fancy penthouse apartment, Prada bags and heels but can’t find a economically suitable man to share your life with, but need that itch scratched so Jack the ship builder from Tinder can drop by for a night or 2? Not. My. Problem. 

It’s very simple:

Your consequences are not my problem.

Shame me into what ever box you want.

From man child to king of the lost boys to commitment phobic.

I still won’t answer your call to suffer your consequences.

Luckily there are plenty who do:


Which Wolf Will You Feed?

I made a reference to my upper middle class upbringing in my last post and how I had every toy I ever wanted.

This however has lead to a couple of blessings and curses.

One of the blessings being is that I know material goods will never bring me happiness and attachment to stuff will hold me down.

A curse is that I can’t really look back without hanging my head in disgust.

However I do face a duality in my daily life when it comes to minimalism and consumerism.

I do have an urge to get a penthouse apartment, fill it with modern furniture and carry myself as a “successful” and “wealthy” H!gh vAlU3 mAn!

But the real motivation for that is poon.

I’m not kidding, the real and the end of the line motivation for that is P00n.

To get sex.

Not that I’m having sex now, but not on the regularity I want it.

I have a side that wants to live like that mister Grey stereo type with a fancy apartment and luxury objects to look attractive to the opposite sex.

The opposite sex who in my HUMBLE experience is in thousands of euro’s in debt, double or triple digits in dick, dozens in the substances and not in reality of self image. 

I’ve always been transparent about my house hacking situation with a family member.

I just never told you which family member.

And for the poon I did get it was NEVER a problem.

“Jack, low quality women!”

Lol, tell that to the college educated doctor, interior designer, dentist assistant, art historian etc. etc. you get the goddamn point.

They were also in the age range of 18 to 25, so age desperation wasn’t the issue either.

What I’m getting at here is that what’s being presented is not in line with what I’m hoping to get.

Would I REALLY, and I mean REALLY want a penthouse with a €1000 a month rent, a car a barely drive in and €100 button up shirt every day while €400 a month house hacking, no car and €5 t-shirts + sweatpants get me the overall same results, but maybe 7/8’s instead of NINZ AND THENZ BRA!

If she’s thin and enthusiastic she’s my 10 to be honest

Credit to Bullrush who inspired that quote.

Do I really want to live the extravagant lifestyle just to impress ladies who I know fuck for less?

Because I’ve been less.

Yes I’m semi-tall (short for a Dutch guy but you yanks seem to worship guys who are 6, ft SO BOW YOU SHITS! BOW TO YOUR EURO OVERLORD!), jacked and not bad looking in the face.

Do I really need the material possessions?

Or do I think life will be better than it is now?

The average woman won’t change, I can tell you that and Clarey’s brilliant calculation of what the average woman can offer only confirms my, Watson’s and other guys in the trenches their experience. 

I get guff from guys for my lego ships sometimes. Wether it’s meant or not they do love bringing those up as a “bad” thing every now and then.

But I have enjoyed building those way more than lying through my teeth about how “interesting” some 3rd rank bimbo is about her vision of the world which was clearly imprinted on her by her college good for nothing professors.

And the women who I did meet who were blessed with intelligence actually built 2 of the ships with me. But of course like D&D you can’t get the perfect character. These girls had issues of their own.

Even though not ideologically they were either financially or familial.

Or lacking in the chest area, but this can be fixed.

We have the technology.

Could have been on Mars you know, but fake tits had to be perfected first.

It is here where I personally face uncle Iroh while he sternly asks me:

“Is it your own destiny or a destiny someone else forced upon you?”

And as I’m finishing this post and realizing what feeds this urge a new far away friend comes to mind.

“Don’t watch red meat.” -Dante The Panda.