Your Voice

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Use Your Voice.

I wrote briefly about talking with a few of my fellow Men in my last post, and I intend to do that again. I’m forging bonds that hopefully will go the rest of my life. It’s good for Men to connect with like-minded Men.

While I was talking with these Men, we were “swapping notes,” so to speak. We were sharing stories and experiences. In this day and age of “Fempowerment,” “You go Girl!” and “Believe Her,” I think it is so important that Men speak up and speak out.

I believe that Men need to have their voices heard. For far too long we Men have been sitting back, biting our tongues, just “going along to get along.” We need to use our voices in opposition to the lies that are being spread to our fellow Men. Our brothers, our nephews, our sons, and our fathers.

We need to use our voices and our presences to let other Men know that they are not alone in the Dark. We are out here. We are broadcasting a signal for those who are seeking truths instead of the bullshit that is being propagated by the mainstream media.

We need to let other Men know that they aren’t crazy and delusional. We have some same shared experiences that we have witnessed with our own eyes.

I encouraged those men that I talked to to use their voices if they haven’t already. I encouraged them to speak their truths and their experiences. I encouraged them to add to the signal that is already being broadcast, to add to it and strengthen it. To add more beacons of light into that great sea of darkness.

I encourage you, the Man that is reading my words right now to do the same.

Start a blog.

Start a YouTube channel.

Get on Twitter and start speaking your experiences.

Create a podcast and bring on other like-minded Men and have a “roundtable” about your experiences. Compare your notes with one another. Speak your truths.

Push back against the lies you’ve been brainwashed to believe since you were a little boy. Let others know that it’s okay to be a masculine Man. Let them know that feminism is a lie.

Start making your voice heard. Scream into the Void. Sooner or later, and from my experience, sooner rather than later, someone will find you, they will tune into your frequency, your signal, and a connection will be made.

We are throwing lifelines out into the Dark. Someone is bound to grab on and pull themselves in.

Get in touch with me. Let’s make something happen. Let’s throw out a lifeline or two. Maybe we will save a life.

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Reaching Out

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A Man is just a phone call away.

This last week has been hectic at work, what with the holidays and all coming up. I still made time to do something that I wanted to do and I have zero regrets in doing it.

2019 is going to be the year where I will travel around the country as much as time and money will allow, to meet as many of the Men that I’ve met online. I decided to start a little early though, and so I sent out a request to my followers on my e-mail list.

I told my e-mail list that I was wondering if any of them would like to talk to me. Bare minimum, I could wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If they were interested, all they needed to do was reply to my e-mail with a phone number and a time that would work for them for me to call.

I’m glad I did that. I got a far greater response than I had hoped for and a less greater response than I feared.

What I found out when I called those who were willing to have that phone call was like minded Men. Sure the age ranges varied, as did many of their life circumstances, but overall these Men have experienced similar things and had similar views that I hold.

I’m glad that I took the chance on them and that they took the chance on me. Zero regrets.

In this day and age of censorship and being de-platformed, it’s only a matter of time before Men get silenced from a keystroke from some SJW sitting in a cubicle somewhere, simply for expressing themselves as Men. We could be “unpersoned” simply for having a different point of view from the established narrative.

Like how the War on Feminism is already over, true freedom of speech has died for all I’m concerned. If you have to watch what you say, and can count on a clock the time it will take to be silenced, true free speech is already dead.

Many Men in the ‘Sphere are setting contingency plans for their eventual banning and deplatforming. I’m working on mine as well. It’s only a matter of time before someone comes along, sees what I have written or recorded and decides to be offended and demand blood. Let them come. I’m ready. I’m waiting.

In the end, a Man is only a phone call away. Start setting up those connections and bonds now before you get silenced and that opportunity dies with your internet presence.

Offer your phone number to a Man in need. Offer it even if he doesn’t need it. Call him when you get a number. You may be surprised to find that you have more in common with him than not.

You won’t regret doing it. I sure didn’t.

I’m forging bonds as I write this that will go past the internet. I’m going to meet these Men and forge further bonds with them in person.

This is how you adapt, overcome, and survive. This is how you thrive, succeed, and excel.

Make those connections that go beyond an avatar on Twitter. Forge those bonds that go beyond words in a chatroom on YouTube.

Go beyond a picture on Instagram.

Make the offering. Make the phone call. Create bonds. Create alliances.

Find out that you are not alone and probably not the minority after all.

I hope this finds you happy, warm, and thriving.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


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Women On Social Media

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(And Why I Don’t Follow Them)


When I first got on the internet, it was mostly dudes and nerds at that time. Women were a scarce commodity. Nowadays, women on the internet, and specifically on social media, are everywhere. They are literally a dime a dozen.

Look on instagram, and what do you see? “Models” showcasing their “assets” with some flavor of the day quote. (You too can have it all, if you just believe in yourself.) Women in different yoga poses showing off their favorite attire.

Women flexing their muscles, showing off their abs. (You’ve come a long way baby.) Of course, let’s not forget the never-ending stream of selfies and duck face pictures ad nauseum. Women taking pictures with their food, women taking pictures with their “BFF’s.” Women sticking out their tongues and giving the world the finger. Women doing shots of booze and chugging down copious amounts of alcohol at whatever latest party that they are attending. Women taking pictures with their dogs or cats (aka their “children.”)

What are all of these pictures, what are all of these poses saying?

One thing and one thing only:

“Look At Me.” “Pay Attention To Me.”

Of course, men in droves flock to these pictures and the likes, hearts, +1’s, and comments come pouring in.

“You are so beautiful.” “You are so gorgeous.” “Fantastic.” “Can I message you?” “Can I call you?” “Want to go to dinner?” “I want to take you on a journey.” “Want to travel?”

I imagine it can be heady and quite overwhelming. By simply showing some cleavage, puckering up her lips, and showing a little ass, a woman can literally bring a man to his knees. And we as Men fall for it. We go for it. We press that “like” button. We make those stupid fucking comments. Damn near every time.

We enable these women to be the attention whores that they are. If there was no likes, if there were no followers, if there were no comments of “my god, you are gorgeous,” what reason would women have to be on social media except to maybe show pics of recipes and bitch about how there are No Good Men Left. (*cough facebook cough*)

That’s just one group of women on social media.

Group two would be the so-called Tradcon Feminine Wives. I say so-called, because the majority of them are just like the women that they supposedly detest. Feminists.

Really Tradcon women and feminists are two sides of the same coin. They are both cut from the same cloth. The only difference is in the packaging. The tradcons are “prettier,” for the most part. They may have longer hair, wear their makeup better, dress more feminine (ie dresses versus halter tops) and may generally have a more pleasant demeanor, but they are for the most part, one and the same.

It’s really easy to tell when you know what to look for.

Does the so-called “traditional feminine” woman tell you as a man, how to be a man? She’s no better than a feminist. She is a feminist as far as I’m concerned. Just sneakier.

Does she give “dating advice” to men? She’s a feminist.

Does she try to redefine masculinity? (Is her definition of masculinity the “true” and “proper” definition?) “A Real Man would…. A Real Man does….”

Notice that whatever definition of masculinity she gives, it’s always in her favor. It benefits her.

Feminists do the exact same thing. The only difference really is in their shaming tactics. Maybe not even that. Both get their beta orbiters. Both get their White Knights. Both are preaching the same message:

“Yours (as a man) is to serve. Yours (as a man) is to serve Me.

“If you only do as I say, if you just “man up,” maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you the pussy.”

“If only you do as I wish, then the world (my world, not yours) will be so much better.”

“If you would only just get with the program, then life would be better.”

And if you don’t?

Enter the shame tactics.

“You’re not a Real Man.”

“Wow, you are so bitter.”

“Who hurt you?”

Just like their feminist counterparts.

If you are lucky enough, maybe you won’t have to go through that nonsense. Maybe she will just “block” you. Or unfriend you.

You can avoid all of that though. Don’t follow them to begin with. Block them first if need be. Mute their conversations. It’s usually the same old shit anyways.

When I first got on Twitter, and facebook for that matter, I had a lot of women on my feeds. Lots of complaining, lots of selfies, lots of fishing for compliments, lots of telling men how to be men, lots of dating advice to men, and of course, lots of bullshit drama.

So I started unfollowing and unfriending. I stopped “liking” their posts. I stopped commenting.

Life got a lot calmer and easier. My feeds became more interesting instead of boring and a drag.

I actually started learning things.

Now my social media feeds are educational. I actually get something of value from them.

There’s a lot of talking in the ‘Sphere about “Saving the West.” I honestly don’t know if that is even possible at this point in time. But there is something we as Men can do.

Stop enabling women. Stop “liking” and commenting on their inane posts. Stop showing them support for their sub par selfies. Ignore them like you do when the ads come on television. Ignore them like the promoted ads you get on your social media platform.

Mute them. Unfollow them. Unfriend them. Block them.

If we don’t give them the attention they crave, maybe it will help slow the decline. Maybe it will encourage the woman to change her behavior. Maybe not.

Treat that pretty face for what it is. Another pretty face. They are a dime a dozen.

Make your social media platforms something educational and something of interest. Not just another way to kill time. Not just another way to release a gallon of jizz.


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