Outrage Revisited

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the latest from Gillette, PETA, and the APA. Not only did I publish it on MasculineGeek.com, but I also wrote about it to my subscribers on my e-mail list.

I’ve had some time to think about it, and now I want to revisit it if you will.

I’ll be the first one to admit:

I got caught up.

I got distracted.

I got caught up in the outrage. The geniuses, and I mean that sincerely, found my buttons and pushed them. I couldn’t think straight. They did their jobs and they did them well.

I’ve had some time to cool off and rethink things and here’s what I’ve come up with.

The advertising execs at Proctor and Gamble, and at Gillette specifically don’t give a fuck about “Men Being Better.” They just want to sell razors and shaving cream. The only reasons that they chose to go after Men is because that is the current trend. Virtue signalling is Big Business at the moment. We’ll see if their investment via advertising pays off for them in the long run or not.

Same with PETA. They don’t give a fuck about you either. They just want money for “the cause.” That’s it. You aren’t a person to them, let alone a Man. You are just pocket change. You’re a wallet to them.

The American Psychological Association with their statement that conventional masculinity is being classified as a mental disorder is the only one that still bothers me. It sets a dangerous precedent. But that’s another post for another time.

These outfits are not targeting Men, especially Men over the age of 35 because that age demographic doesn’t spend much money. Think about it. When was the last time that you specifically bought a razor or shaving cream. I can’t remember the last time that I did, and I use a razor and shaving cream on a regular basis. Who bought me my stuff? The women in my life. My ex-wife, my ex-girlfriend, and my mother, to name a few. I have enough razors and shaving cream to last me at least another year before I’ll need to get anymore.

This is who the advertising execs are targeting: Women. Women spend 80% of the money but make less than 50% of the wealth. They have the largest debt bubble in history. This is their target audience. Push women’s emotional buttons and get them to buy shit that they and we as well, don’t need.

As Rian Stone put it, “Those tampons aren’t going to sell themselves.” I have to get that Man credit, it was a video of his that put a lot of this outrage “porn” or “outrage culture” in perspective for me. That’s one of many things I like about Rian, the Man makes me think. Here’s the video that got me thinking, check it out:

All of those ads, all of the movies and the TV shows that shit on Men and depict them as idiots and buffoons? They aren’t meant for you Men. These aren’t the shows for you. You shouldn’t be watching them. They were meant for women. Think about it for a moment.

You are sitting there watching some stupid-ass sitcom, where the guy is a complete idiot. He wouldn’t know how to tie his shoes if it wasn’t for his amazing and brilliant wife who always shows up to save him from himself. We as Men watching this just roll our eyes and shake our heads. We can see it plain as day. No guy is that big of an idiot in real life. Even the lowest beta schlub is better than that idiot on the idiot box. We don’t buy it, not for a second right?

But do you know who does buy it? Women. They eat that shit up. Then they go on social media with their “You Go Girl!” empowerment trope that we all know too well. What else is going on during that sitcom? Commercials. Advertising. Execs selling shit to women that they don’t need or want, until that advertisement tells them otherwise.

Women, children, and guys under 35. That’s the advertising execs target audience. Why is that? Because they are moldable, that’s why. Guys over 35 are typically “set in stone” by that point. I know this because I know me. You can show me a ton of commercials and I’m still not buying shit because I don’t need it and I’m not interested in it.

Which brings me to the next point:

Outrage porn isn’t just on TV and the movies, it’s not just commercial advertising.

Some of the Men from Masculine Geek and I had a brief chat about it on Twitter the other day. It all started with some dipshit pandering to his feminist overlords about guys being idiots and that women should rule the world, or something of that nature. It irritated one of my Brothers, and I could understand why. For a moment it irritated me too.

Then I remembered that I have only so many fucks to give in this life and once they are gone, they are gone.

This dipshit on Twitter is nothing but an NPC parroting and regurgitating lines that he’s been programmed with. He’s spitting out the same slop at the appropriate times and intervals like the good little automaton that he is. He’s hoping that his virtue signalling is going to get him credit instead of actually doing something truly original, like doing the actual work, instead of being a keyboard warrior. Here’s a newsflash for that dipshit if he happens to find this post one day:

She still won’t fuck you.

He’s a bot, bottom line. Nothing more. His virtue signalling is par for the course. Basically it’s another day at the office and business as usual. And like the NPC’s in video games that you’ve played over and over? You know they have nothing new to say and nothing to advance the storyline, so you move right past them and ignore them because you see them for the time wasters that they are.

That’s what social media, and even real life is like to a degree now. Your challenge as a conventionally masculine Man is to see and separate the NPC’s from the “other players.” It’s not hard when you know what to look for. You’ll see it all around you. And you’ll know them for the time wasters that they are and you’ll move on by and let them be.

I believe that we as Men have two powerful weapons in our arsenal at this point.

We have our wallets. We can choose to reward those that choose not to pander to the Gospel of Feminism. We can take our purchasing power, since we as Men create over half of the wealth of the world, and give it to those who choose not to shove their political views down our throats. We can tell them, “sell razors, not politics,” by doing this.

Let’s talk about the most important one of all: Our Attention.

We can choose to not give these NPC’s, these panderers of the feminist agenda, these white knights, and these virtue signallers our attention. Just like the women that they bend the knee to, they thrive on attention. When we as Men stop thinking and get emotional, they are living rent free in our heads, which is exactly what they want. When they get in your head, you stop thinking and start reacting, which is a prime way to get you to part with money from your wallet. They win. You get distracted by shit that doesn’t matter and wasn’t really meant for you in the first place and then you waste your most precious commodity: Your time.

It’s time to stop with the click bait and the outrage porn. It’s time to take your minds back and start thinking for yourselves. It’s time to start giving a fuck to things that matter, things that you can influence and control to make your lives better for you. It’s time to stop giving a fuck about what the panderers, the outrage peddlers, the feminists, and the NPC’s are thinking and saying. You’ve already heard it all before, there’s nothing new there.

You’ve only got so many fucks to give after all.

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Should I Live With Her?

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Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware.

A good friend of mine reached out to me just a few days ago. He told me that he and his girlfriend had just broken up. From what he told me, they had been together for awhile. A year or so from what I gather.

They had been living together for a period of time and had just decided on getting a place together, a place that was larger and better than where they had been currently living. Something that they could call their own. They would have moved in on February 1st of this year. But not now. Now that she decided to end it.

I’m sure he’s wondering about the “what’s” and the “why’s” of their break up. I would, and I did when my relationship ended a couple of months ago. I wondered why we broke up. I wondered what I could have done better. I still wonder from time to time about those things.

I’m sure that she gave him some sort of answer as to why they broke up. Maybe it was something similar to what I was given when my ex broke up with me. Maybe it was his age. Maybe it was something about his diet, his health. Maybe it was his politics. Maybe it was all of these things or none of them at all. Maybe it was something else entirely.

The truth of it all, the real fucking nut crushing, hard core, in your face truth is, it doesn’t matter why she left. It doesn’t matter what reason she gave. It doesn’t matter what he thinks he may or may not need to change for a future relationship if he decides to get in another one.

She left because she could. She left because she wanted to. She left because “reasons.” Reasons are just rationalizations and excuses at the end of the day. They don’t really matter. They don’t change anything. In the end, she left because that was what she wanted to do.

I have to remind myself of this sometimes. My ex ultimately left because she wanted to. She didn’t want to be with me anymore. That’s the beginning, middle, and end of it. She didn’t want to do it anymore. And that’s that. I don’t say that out of misery. I don’t say that to garner sympathy. I don’t pity myself. It is just reality. The only reality that matters. She left because she wanted to.

You Men reading this, I want you to understand this:

She left because she could. She left because she wanted to. That’s all that matters. Everything else is just rationalizations piled on bullshit piled on excuses.

She left because she could. She left because she wanted to.

This is the reason that she left. She may tell you a variety of reasons that she left, or not. She could say shit like, “you are too fat.” “You are too domineering.” “You are too angry, too disagreeable, too cold and you shut me out, etc.” None of this changes anything. And it won’t bring her back if you change it. She left because she could.

So your challenge now is to pick up the pieces and move on. To start over. Learn from it and move on. Do shit differently, but move on.

Which brings me to the subject line:

“Should I live with her?”

If you are under the age of 30, the short answer is no. You haven’t established yourself yet. If you are in your career, it’s either just starting, or it’s just starting to take off.

I’ve witnessed many Men, young and old, move a woman in with them only to be bankrupt and living either with their parents or living in a shit-hole a few years later when the relationship went south.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get a lease or a mortgage that you cannot afford on your own and then entrust this other party, your woman, to carry half of the financial responsibility of this arrangement. What are you going to do if the relationship grenades? You either break the lease and take a hit on your credit and then you can’t get a house down the road, you break the lease and can’t get into something else that is decent, so you end up living in a shit-hole, or you may get “lucky” and be able to move back in with your family, or you end up having to get roommates to pay the bills. And beggars can’t be choosers at that time. Have you seen the majority of people that are “roommates?” Flighty, flakes, and fuck offs for the most part. Who wants or needs the drama? Chasing them down to collect their part of the rent. Going after them because they ate your shit. Confronting them on the fact that they are complete pigs and don’t clean up after themselves. No thank you, I’ll pass.

I own my own home. I’ve lived in it for fifteen years. My house has seen quite a few women come through its doors, including an ex-wife and now an ex-girlfriend. In all cases whether there has been another party living under my roof or not, I can pay the mortgage and all of my other bills. I’m not in danger of losing my home.

I can’t stand the idea of having roommates unless they are women and I’m sleeping with them. Too many flakes, dipshits, and deadbeats in the world. I don’t need or want that drama. So I saved up quite a bit of money when I was younger and started thinking long game. I found something that I could afford on my own. That way I wouldn’t be financially impacted in the event that a significant other and I decided to part ways.

You Men reading this and thinking of moving in with a woman, whether you marry her or not, need to keep this in mind:

If you can’t afford the lease, the rent, or the mortgage on your own, you don’t do the lease or get the mortgage. You don’t get a place together. You may move her into your place if you have the space and can afford to make that move, but don’t get a place that requires both of you to put up the money. You can avoid a lot of headaches and heartaches by doing this.

It will require you thinking in long game terms. That means living within your means. Spending less that you earn. Reducing or eliminating as much outstanding debt that you have. That means you may be making certain sacrifices. You may not be eating out as much. You may be living with your folks for a while longer. You will have to delay your gratification.

Moving her into a place that is in your name means it’s yours. She will have to be the one to find somewhere to live if the relationship ends, not you. Moving sucks. I’ve done it enough in the past and I’ve helped others do it many times over the years. That’s why I’ve lived where I have for as long as I have. That, and it’s a decent area. It’s also close to my work, so my commute is only 10 minutes.

I planned all of those things long before I met my ex-wife or my ex-girlfriend. That’s also how I survived the housing recession back in 2008. I only borrowed what I could afford to pay back and I lived within my means. I was never in danger of losing my home back then, and I’m not in any danger of losing it now. I’m definitely not going to lose it over some woman because we broke up.

If you can’t afford the place by yourself on your own, don’t get into that place. Period. Don’t move her in to help with the bills because you can’t afford those bills on your own. Don’t move her in so that you have “pussy on tap.”

The best, most intense, and most frequent sex I ever had, with any woman, was before I moved her in.

Familiarity does breed contempt. Or at least a degree of comfort and laziness. And the sex can quickly decline in frequency and intensity from there. Have slumber parties, for sure. But think twice before your move her in.

And never, ever move in to her place. Her furniture and decorations will already be in place. You will be second place to her stuff. You will literally be moving into a “man cave” from the word go. You will be the one out on your ass if the relationship implodes. You’ll be the one figuring out where you are going to sleep the night it ends. You’ll be the one having to pack your shit up and move on a cold winter day.

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She Might Be Crazy

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She Could Be Just Like This. Or Worse.

I got asked a question a little while ago about “crazy women.”

Specifically, the question that was asked was, “What are some of the signs, or red flags, of crazy? How do you spot it?”

Since I’ve had plenty of experience with crazy (hell I married it) let me give you a few examples of what to watch out for.

This list is by no means exhaustive and all-inclusive.

Also, your experiences may differ, and your mileage may vary.

Here we go:

1. She’s highly sexual with you early on in the relationship. I’m talking same day lay or next meeting type of stuff. She’ll fuck you like a porn star and will do all sorts of depraved shit with you and for you. Pretty much whatever fantasies you have, she’ll have either done it, or will be down to do it, no problem. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself, but it is a warning sign that she is potentially crazy and it could be seen as a red flag. Remember, it’s okay to screw crazy, don’t commit or marry crazy. Do I have to tell you to use protection? This is the type of woman who could have a “pregnancy scare” or could give you a disease as well. Keep that in mind.

2. She talks down about herself. She’ll say things like, “she’s hard to love,” “she’s getting her shit together (she’s not),” she’s “cute but psycho,” and the list goes on. If she speaks negatively about herself, that is a HUGE red flag. She not just fishing for sympathy (she is, but there is more to it, and I’ll come back to this one later), she’s TELLING YOU WHO SHE IS. She’s speaking her truth.

3. She talks “entitlement.” She says she’s a princess. She says she’s high maintenance. She says she’s done criminal acts or morally questionable things and isn’t ashamed of it, she’s actually proud of it? These are all red flags.

4. She’s got a ton of piercings and/or tattoos. She’s got a ton of issues and emotional problems. Even one tattoo is questionable to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like tattoos and I have quite a few myself, but on a woman? Tread carefully. My ex-wife had a bunch when I met her and she got many many more during our marriage. She has more than I do.

5. She dyes her hair unnatural colors. She shaves the side of her head . Tread lightly.

6. The biggest one of all though, in my experience, is that she seeks SYMPATHY. She plays the victim card to the hilt. With my ex-wife, nothing was ever her fault. It was always someone else’s fault. And that included me. It was always “Poor Jen.” And she would always be confused and hurt when someone (me) called her out on her bullshit. Guys, I believe this is the biggest one of them all. I can’t remember where I saw the literature, but in it it said that people who are sociopaths seek sympathy over all the other stuff that I mentioned. It’s like sympathy is their drug. Actually it’s how they hook you in and then take over your life and ruin it completely. Be very careful if you are dealing with a woman who is constantly seeking sympathy and is playing the victim card. This one is a predator. She’ll play the “damsel in distress” and then eat you alive when she is either done with you, or if she can’t get her way.

Use your better judgment when dealing with crazy. You WILL run into it eventually, it’s just a matter of time and odds. Don’t get me wrong, sex with crazy can be some of the best sex you will ever have in your life. But don’t commit to it and definitely don’t marry it. In all honesty, I would avoid it.

You may think you can handle crazy, but you probably can’t. I thought I could, but I couldn’t and didn’t. I just got lucky that I got out when I did and I didn’t lose my life, my ass, or my livelihood when I did get out. I really did just get lucky.

There’s plenty of women out there that aren’t crazy, seek them out instead. You’ll be better off in the long run. As Rich Cooper says, “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.”


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