Lust, Sex, And Corona

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, women have been staying in their homes, which isn’t too surprising as the majority of women are risk assessors and tend to follow the herd. Since the bars closed down in mid-February, meeting eligible and willing women became, let’s say, a helluva task.

So I had to resort to Online Dating yet again. Ah yes, online dating. You love to hate it. Red Pill Dad on Twitter got me to see the light and get off it, and yet, here I am, back on it, like a junkie relapsing.

February, March, April, and May were all busts. Completely. Not a lot of matches and the ones that did match were bored and scared. I couldn’t get one of them, not ONE, to come out of the house and meet me face to face.

You see, when it comes to the idea of Game, I look at it as nothing more than getting a woman to show up to have sex. Game is about getting laid. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m sure different guys will have different opinions about what Game is or isn’t, but to me, that’s the literal definition of Game.

Getting women to give you their phone number is great, but it’s only first step in ultimately getting to sex. Texting with them and even calling them and talking with them is just more steps to getting them out of the house and into your bed.

Here’s how I do my version of online dating:

I start off by “carpet bombing” a lot of women. I “like” or “swipe right” on a lot of different girls. I don’t generally bother reading their profiles because, let’s be honest, the majority of them are cut and paste and are pretty much all the same. I look at their pictures and if I like what I see, I swipe right. Then I move right on to the next profile and I’ll do this until I either run out of options or I get busy or bored, whichever comes first.

Then I’ll see what shows up.

Once I get a match, then I’ll actually take the time to read their profiles and see what I can gather from it. I look at the usual suspects: Age, height, weight, location, kids, and so forth. From there I’ll craft my intro text. I tend to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. I also try and inject some humor into it.

For me, whenever a woman shows any interest in me, “it’s on.” I start to banter, flirt, joke, and gently tease. I tend to not do “hard negs” because 99 out of 100 women are walking bundles of insecurity and I don’t need to add to that. I tend to look for things where I can bust on her co-workers or her roommates, or her boss, or maybe some of her friends. I try and create an atmosphere of “us against them.”

If she “shit-tests” I either ignore it completely as if she didn’t say anything, or I’ll “agree and amplify” it.

My whole goal during these interactions is to get her out of the house and in front of me, face to face. My mindset is that I’m an awesome Man and once she meets me she’ll want to be with me. If I can get her out of the house and in front of me, she’s mine.

Texting on the dating apps is fine for a moment, but the sooner I can get her phone number, the better. I don’t waste my time with getting her IG account or any of that nonsense. A woman who gives you her IG instead of her phone number isn’t interested in you other than you becoming an orbiter on her social media. Move on.

Sometimes I’ll ask for her number, sometimes I give her mine first, and sometimes they’ll give me theirs unsolicited. Different guys will have different takes about this, but I honestly think you should do whatever feels natural and whatever works in that moment with that particular woman.

Here’s a screenshot from a recent example:

Screenshot_20200720-160444_LI (2)

This woman and I matched on a Sunday evening and we started bantering and she ended up giving me her phone number unsolicited.

I texted her in the morning and we bantered briefly and by Monday as I was leaving work, I decided to call her, which for me, is the next step to getting her out of the house. We ended up talking for three hours. Not what I had initially planned, but sometimes you have to adapt and improvise and roll with it. She all but asked me to come to her house. Being that it was Monday evening and I was wiped out from work, I declined at that time and set up a date for the upcoming Thursday night.

While I was talking to texting with her, I had also matched with my Goth girl that I mentioned that I wanted to meet in a prior post.

Here are some screenshots of her and I texting one another:


Notice the “shit-test.” How do you think I handled it? Here’s how:


Not very creative, I know. The point is though, if my age is going to be an issue, it’s either going to be an issue now or later. I would rather it be now than later and not waste any more of my or her time.

Here’s what she said:


As I said in the screenshot, I knew she was 28. Obviously me being 48 wasn’t an issue for her either. She had more to say though:


So now she’s qualifying herself to me.

I matched up with Goth Girl a couple of days before the other woman and I was conversing with both of them at the same time. I had gotten their phone numbers and I had talked to both of them on the phone. Remember what I said earlier:

My goal is to get them out of the house and meet me face to face. If I can get them to meet me face to face, she’s mine.

I had made a date to meet Goth Girl on Tuesday and the other woman on Thursday. Not too shabby. Except on Monday, Goth Girl cancelled and I knew that she would. You do this stuff long enough, and you start to see patterns and when certain things like flaking or cancelling become predictable.

When Goth Girl cancelled, I turned right around and texted the other woman to see if she was available for Tuesday night. Turns out she was. Turns out she came over after work and spent the night with me. She did this all without meeting me face to face and only seeing a handful of photos and hearing my voice on the phone.

I say this not to brag, but to show you what is possible. Can a woman meet you at your own place and climb into your bed without actually meeting you somewhere else beforehand? Absolutely. Was it because I was running tight fucking game or was it because I was the “right guy at the right place at the right time?”

Don’t care. Got laid.

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A Guy Named “Dustin.”

grayscale photo of man walking on road

Recently I’ve had a couple of things transpire, and it just so happens that both things can be related to one another.

The first thing that happened is I ran into a guy on Facebook that I used to go to school with. I’ll call him, “Dustin.” From K through 12 I went to school with this guy. He was the kid that felt that hygiene wasn’t a priority. From messy, dirty, greasy hair, to bad breath and dirty teeth, to body odor…You get the picture.

Dustin was a kid that was a true outcast. A real social misfit. I don’t recall this guy having friends throughout school. Ever. Most of it was because of the lack of hygiene, but some of it was also the fact that he had no idea how to deal with people socially. He was the Original Sperg.

If ever there was a guy who could have easily turned into a mass shooter, Dustin was it. I’m slightly surprised he didn’t turn out that way, but then again, he was missing something that a lot of shooters have. The anger.

For all the shit that Dustin went through and put up with, he never got angry or resentful, at least as far as I could tell. Nowadays he’s a grown man with a decent job, a wife of almost 25 years and a couple of kids. Apparently there is somebody for everybody. Don’t get me wrong, Dustin didn’t marry an 8 and God knows, he’s no 8 either, but they are similar in SMV. Basically they are two peas in a pod and happy as a couple of clams. Good for them.

When I said that Dustin went through a lot of shit, I’m not kidding. From early on in elementary school, right up to the end of high school, somebody was always saying mean shit to him and in a lot of cases, they were kicking his ass too.

Before anyone goes off about bullying though, understand this:

Dustin brought most of it onto himself. He would say obnoxious things to people and get under their skin to the point that they would end up kicking his ass. He would harass and bother people until they couldn’t stand it and then the beatings would begin.

I remember working with Dustin when I was 16. We both worked at a local grocery store as baggers. I remember him goading me and being a nuisance and a menace until I wanted to kick his ass like everyone else did. But then I realized something:

Kicking his ass was no major feat. Nobody high fived you if you ended up in a fight with Dustin. The only problem with kicking his ass was that it was too easy. He would bring that shit onto himself.

For Dustin, there was no such thing as bad attention. Any attention was good attention to him. An ass beating was just as good as a kind word or two. I remember realizing this and since I didn’t feel like kicking his ass, which would just goad him into more bad behavior, I ignored him. Completely.

He would stand in my way, I would simply walk around him. He would say my name or some other nonsense, I acted like I didn’t hear anything. I totally shut him out and initially it drove him nuts. Then it didn’t and he moved on to someone else that would pay attention to him and usually the pattern would begin again.

Lately I’ve seen people on Twitter that have beefs with other groups. Each group thrives off of attention from what I’ve seen. You talk positive or negative about them, you’re just giving that other group attention and validity. I’m not talking about the joggers and skateboarders out protesting. This has nothing to do with the rioting and politics, at least on any sort of major level.

This is simply two groups of people that have different points of view and neither side is going to convince the other side of the “rightness” of their cause. To me it’s simply a time for both sides to agree to disagree and move on. What’s the point when neither side is going to budge?

Both sides have approached me in one form or another. Both sides want me to side with “them.” Newsflash: I side with myself. Don’t drag me into your drama. Trying to “take on” the opposition is only giving them attention and validity. You are just reinforcing their point of view as being the “correct” one and they are just going to double down, dig in, and become further entrenched in their beliefs.

Why bother? Life is too short.

What do you hope to gain by taking them on? A dopamine hit? Some weird flex? Do you think you’ll “convert them to your cause?” You aren’t going to change their point of view when they have become invested in it and identify with it, so give that up.

The only thing worse than a guy playing Cap’n Save A Ho with a woman is a guy playing Cap’n Save A Ho with another guy. It’s not going to work.

Remember what I’ve said time and time again:

Let ‘Em Burn.

This is just like Dustin from back in the day, doing and saying stupid shit all for validity and attention. Just ignore them and move on.

It’s funny to me when both sides approached me. Immediately I started thinking to myself, “Why are you coming to me? What do you want from me? What are you hoping to gain by having me ‘on your side?’ What is your agenda here? What do you hope to gain from all of this?”

The only questions that I asked myself that really matter to me though is, why bother? Who cares? Why get involved? It’s not my circus and not my monkeys.

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Social Wasteland

sand dunes scenery

I’m sitting here writing this and watching a couple of YHT (younger, hotter, tighter) drinking and dancing on Facebook Live. They are listening to an eclectic bunch of music, everything from Fleetwood Mac to Type O Negative, and they are really getting into it when Tool comes on.

Ah, the goth scene. Where everyone dresses in black and the music bleeds like heroin and melancholy. I remember those days. Apparently there is a revival going on, goth is trying to make a comeback.

Watching these YHT dancing and drinking in front of the camera makes me a little sad. Sad for the fact that I’m reading the comments and listening to the girls interacting with the chat, and none of these souls know how to communicate with each other.

It would be fun and sexy, these girls have great moves and the curves in the right places to match, but they don’t know how to honestly interact with others. They are the very definition of “socially awkward.”

And it’s not just the girls on the video stream, it’s the entire chat. It’s their “friends” on Facebook. Nobody knows how to flirt. Nobody knows how to give or receive a compliment. Nobody knows how to communicate. And they want to. So fucking bad. Everybody wants to genuinely engage, they want to actually communicate with one another, but it’s like they don’t know how.

It’s something like:

“Hey, you’re cute.”

“I like corn bread and music and flowers?”

I sat and watched this for a while, watching those girls, and by girls, I’m talking about late 20-somethings. I watched them dance, and laugh, sometimes sing but mostly lip sync to their favorite songs. And I got sad. Sad because these girls were lonely. I could see it in their eyes. I could see it in their behavior. They weren’t drinking. They were medicating. They so desperately wanted to connect with someone and they didn’t know how. And the chat wasn’t any better. There wasn’t as much “thirst” going on there, since this wasn’t a public performance, but nobody knew how to really interact with each other.

It’s a malaise. No wonder people do the drugs they do. No wonder we drink to excess. No wonder anti-depressants and other SSRI use is off the charts.

We live in a time of relative peace, plenty, and prosperity. At no other point in history have we had it so good. We are living longer in general, we have the best medical technology to date, and we literally want for nothing.

And yet we do. Want. We want for something. We want for connection. We want for some form of intimacy and understanding. I saw all of this in those young women’s faces. I could see their lives of quiet desperation by the fact that they were “trying too hard.” Trying too hard to look like they were having fun. Trying too hard to get inebriated as quickly as possible so that they could be numb.

Numb from their malaise. Numb from their fear. Numb from life in general. Numb from the fact that things don’t always work out the way that you had intended.

That’s part of the problem though, being numb. You medicate away your pain, longing, and loneliness and all that is left after a brief high is numbness. And then that numbness becomes a sort of “pain” itself.

I stopped watching the video shortly after one of the young women decided to flash her tits. Of course she flashed her tits, it’s part of the script, it’s part of what you do when “you only live once” and “fuck the world” and give it the finger while sticking your tongue out.

I really worry about younger people today. They aren’t just starting at zero, they are starting at a deficit, a negative. Who is to blame and what is to blame doesn’t really matter because it’s not going to change the situation that they are in. Pointing fingers isn’t going to solve the problem.

I’m glad that I am where I am in my life and that I am who I am. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.

Someone asked me what I thought about dating these days compared to when I was younger. I think dating has gotten easier as I have gotten older. In many ways I have more options now than I did when I was in my 20’s or even in my 30’s.

I know how to flirt and how to communicate and it blows women away when I can carry a conversation with them and it just flows. This isn’t just younger women who say these things to me, this is women in my own age group as well. Maybe that’s part of my “edge.” I don’t know and I don’t really care all that much.

It seems that at least with the younger crowd, the women don’t know what they want, and guys are too scared to speak their minds and say things that could be considered offensive. Basically guys don’t know how to communicate and I’m not talking about that tired trope of “communication is everything,” but I am talking about being able to not give a fuck if somebody doesn’t like what you have to say, but you’re willing to say it anyway.

It’s like watching two magnets where the “north” ends are pushing away from each other instead of a “north/south” dynamic that pulls them in together.

Where does all of this go from here? I honestly have no idea. It was a little bit of a shock to me to watch these videos of these young women and see them literally baring their souls for the whole world to see. To see their loneliness behind the booze and the sexy dancing. To see their awkwardness as they fumbled with communicating with their chat and to watch the chat fumble around as well. And to think, these were people that were in their mid to late 20’s, possibly into their early 30’s.

They were having a “not-conversation.” They were doing “not-flirting.” It was like fumbling around in the dark trying to find a light switch, because you could tell they were looking for it, everyone was. And yet nobody could find it and turn the light on. It was like they knew they were looking for something (the light switch) but they couldn’t describe it or knew what it looked like.

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