“Family Cloths”


Family Cloths. What are they? They are reusable toilet paper. Think of an old t-shirt that has been hacked up into squares, kinda like toilet paper and there you go. Good old reusable t-shirt toilet paper.

In my house, they are known affectionately as “Butt Wipes.”

Why do I have “Butt Wipes?” Well, you see, about 2 years ago, my girlfriend, she gets on these kicks where she wants to reduce her carbon footprint, get more “green,” and “do her part” to save the planet or something like that. These butt wipes are one of those moments that she had. Now, in her defense, it’s not actually a bad idea. They are much more softer than any of the best store bought TP. They definitely, ahem, clean you better. And what’s better than free? We’ve saved a small fortune from not having to buy any toilet paper in over two years.

What do butt wipes have to do with my journey through the Red Pill? I’m getting there. Trust me, I have a destination in mind, and yes, it’s tied to the Red Pill.

The other day, my girlfriend and I are lounging around the house. I’m doing my laundry for the next week at work. I stopped into the bathroom to take a piss and realized that the butt wipes were about out.

The following conversation ensued:

Me: “The butt wipes are running low, looks like it’s time to do a load in the laundry.”

Her: “Okay good to know.”

Me: “If we don’t do them soon, like tonight, you’ll be wiping your ass with your hand tomorrow.”

Cue hysterical laughter from her. I do that for her sometimes. Make her laugh hysterically. It’s one of my “things.”

So what do butt wipes and my journey through the Red Pill have in common?

Only just this:

Be Prepared.

Be prepared in whatever you are going to do. Have a plan. Decide where it is you’re going to eat. Decide what it is you are going to eat. Have a plan for when shit hits the fan. And it will eventually. Decide what you are going to wear tomorrow. Plan for leaving early for work when the weather turns to shit. Plan for an alternate way home when the freeway is stacked bumper to bumper because of some dip shits having an accident and snarling everyone else up.

Have a plan for if/when she leaves you.

Have a plan for your money. How are you going to save it? How are you going to spend it? What are you saving for? What are you spending it on? Do you really need anymore shit in your life? In your house? Be prepared to ask yourself these questions. Be prepared to answer them as well.

If you are a Man and are reading this, your’s is to LEAD. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? If you don’t have a destination in mind, anywhere will do I guess. If you aren’t “driving the bus” of your life, someone else will be. Don’t be surprised when you end up somewhere you didn’t want to go.

Stop sleepwalking through your life. Make some plans, be prepared. Be adaptable enough to change on a dime if need be when shit gets sideways and goes south. Have a plan and also learn to improvise when necessary.

Be prepared for when she shit tests you. And she will.

Know what it is that you want. What do you want from your job? Your family? Yourself?

Be prepared. Have a plan.

Be prepared or you might be wiping your ass with your hand tomorrow.

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10 Years From Now


This is a follow up post to this post, right here.

My side job is reading Tarot cards for fun and profit. Most of my clients are women with a handful of men. Almost all of them want to know what’s going to happen in their futures. I don’t need to read cards, a crystal ball, or any other thing that is “woo-woo” to tell you your future.

What are you doing right now? (Besides reading this blog post.) What were you doing an hour ago? A day ago? A week ago? A month ago? A year ago? 5 years ago? 10 years ago?

Whatever you have been doing, that’s most likely what you are going to be doing in the future. That’s most likely what you are going to be doing in 10 years from now. Have you been living moment to moment, not thinking about your future? I’ve done it. It got me into a place that I didn’t want to be in. Overweight, unhappy, miserable, health on the verge of falling apart, eating junk food. That was me 10 years ago. A marriage that I settled for. A job I settled for. Real mediocre, real bland, real boring.

I woke up a couple years back because I could see my future. And it was more of the fucking same. I was going to keep on gaining weight, I was going to keep on eating the junk, I was going to still be “stuck” in a miserable marriage that was slowing killing me day by day, both emotionally and financially. I could see the ship sinking. I could see that there was no way to “save it.” My ex was perfectly content to eat, watch shit tv, not work, and spend my money on shit we didn’t need. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her in the entirety. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, it was all my fault. I could have spoken up sooner, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to “rock the boat.” I could have gotten a better paying job, but I didn’t because I was comfortable. lazy.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I can see your future. Do you like to kick back and chill? More of the same for you. Do you like to drink, drug, and party? More of the same for you. Do you like to eat a bunch of shit? More of the same. I can see where you are going to be 10 years from now if this is your lifestyle. Your mental, physical, and emotional health are going to be in the toilet. If you are in a relationship now, it will be a different relationship 10 years from now. You’ll probably both be overweight with health issues, and probably pretty unhappy with yourselves and each other. If your partner is healthier and in better shape than you? You won’t have that relationship for long, guaranteed. And you know what else I can see in all of this? It’s all your fault. Every last bit of it. And you deserve it. Brutal I know. But I’m not here to tell you pretty little lies. I’m here to give you a dose of the truth.

While all of this can be your life 10 years from now, it doesn’t have to be. You can change it. It all starts with you asking a simple couple of questions. “Where do I see myself 10 years from now? Where do I want to be 10 years from now?” Be honest with yourself when you ask those questions. If you are leading a shit life now, it’s NOT going to magically change just because you asked a question. Wishing your life was different is the height of “magical thinking.” Wishing isn’t going to be enough. Visualizing is a good start, but when it comes right down to it, you’re going to have to get up off your ass and do something about it. Be honest with your answers. And then do something.

Get a membership and hit the gym if you are out of shape and fat. Ladies, you and I both know that men are highly visual. You want hot guys? Better become a hot woman. Men? I didn’t forget about you either. Just because women aren’t as visually stimulated as we are doesn’t mean you get a pass. Looks count.

Are you up to your ass in debt? Get that shit handled. Pay down your bills. Cut the fat in your budget. Get a cheaper cell phone plan, drop your cable provider, get a cheaper car, move into a cheaper place, ask for a raise or get a higher paying job, or work 2 jobs, or 3 jobs if necessary; sell a bunch of your shit that you aren’t using and don’t need. Stop buying some much goddamn stuff. All that shit you “think you need?” You don’t. Besides, it won’t fill that gaping hole that is inside of you. Only working on yourself can do that.

If the relationship you are in is making you absolutely miserable, get out of it. Seriously. Dump the dead-weight and move on. It will be better for all parties in the long run.

“But Rob! That’s so flippant and easy for you to say!” You’re right it is. Consider this though. Where you are at right now is your fault, you got yourself there, whether from poor choices and bad decisions, sitting around waiting for shit to “just happen,” letting other people call the shots, or whatever other excuse you come up with. Argue enough for your limitations and sure enough, they are yours.

I owned my shit and did something about it. I lost a bunch of weight, I got a better paying job that is much less stressful. I got divorced. I cleaned out a ton of shit I didn’t need and was just hoarding. I cut a bunch of the bills out of my budget, I paid off a ton of debt and am in the process of finishing that up. I’m eating healthier, I’m working out. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. I don’t try to be anymore. I’ve still got work to do, and I’ve still got more shit to handle. But guess what? I’m handling it. I’m doing something about it. And I can see where I’m going to be 10 years from now.

The choice is yours. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? What’s it going to take to get you there?

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