Women On Social Media

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(And Why I Don’t Follow Them)


When I first got on the internet, it was mostly dudes and nerds at that time. Women were a scarce commodity. Nowadays, women on the internet, and specifically on social media, are everywhere. They are literally a dime a dozen.

Look on instagram, and what do you see? “Models” showcasing their “assets” with some flavor of the day quote. (You too can have it all, if you just believe in yourself.) Women in different yoga poses showing off their favorite attire.

Women flexing their muscles, showing off their abs. (You’ve come a long way baby.) Of course, let’s not forget the never-ending stream of selfies and duck face pictures ad nauseum. Women taking pictures with their food, women taking pictures with their “BFF’s.” Women sticking out their tongues and giving the world the finger. Women doing shots of booze and chugging down copious amounts of alcohol at whatever latest party that they are attending. Women taking pictures with their dogs or cats (aka their “children.”)

What are all of these pictures, what are all of these poses saying?

One thing and one thing only:

“Look At Me.” “Pay Attention To Me.”

Of course, men in droves flock to these pictures and the likes, hearts, +1’s, and comments come pouring in.

“You are so beautiful.” “You are so gorgeous.” “Fantastic.” “Can I message you?” “Can I call you?” “Want to go to dinner?” “I want to take you on a journey.” “Want to travel?”

I imagine it can be heady and quite overwhelming. By simply showing some cleavage, puckering up her lips, and showing a little ass, a woman can literally bring a man to his knees. And we as Men fall for it. We go for it. We press that “like” button. We make those stupid fucking comments. Damn near every time.

We enable these women to be the attention whores that they are. If there was no likes, if there were no followers, if there were no comments of “my god, you are gorgeous,” what reason would women have to be on social media except to maybe show pics of recipes and bitch about how there are No Good Men Left. (*cough facebook cough*)

That’s just one group of women on social media.

Group two would be the so-called Tradcon Feminine Wives. I say so-called, because the majority of them are just like the women that they supposedly detest. Feminists.

Really Tradcon women and feminists are two sides of the same coin. They are both cut from the same cloth. The only difference is in the packaging. The tradcons are “prettier,” for the most part. They may have longer hair, wear their makeup better, dress more feminine (ie dresses versus halter tops) and may generally have a more pleasant demeanor, but they are for the most part, one and the same.

It’s really easy to tell when you know what to look for.

Does the so-called “traditional feminine” woman tell you as a man, how to be a man? She’s no better than a feminist. She is a feminist as far as I’m concerned. Just sneakier.

Does she give “dating advice” to men? She’s a feminist.

Does she try to redefine masculinity? (Is her definition of masculinity the “true” and “proper” definition?) “A Real Man would…. A Real Man does….”

Notice that whatever definition of masculinity she gives, it’s always in her favor. It benefits her.

Feminists do the exact same thing. The only difference really is in their shaming tactics. Maybe not even that. Both get their beta orbiters. Both get their White Knights. Both are preaching the same message:

“Yours (as a man) is to serve. Yours (as a man) is to serve Me.

“If you only do as I say, if you just “man up,” maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you the pussy.”

“If only you do as I wish, then the world (my world, not yours) will be so much better.”

“If you would only just get with the program, then life would be better.”

And if you don’t?

Enter the shame tactics.

“You’re not a Real Man.”

“Wow, you are so bitter.”

“Who hurt you?”

Just like their feminist counterparts.

If you are lucky enough, maybe you won’t have to go through that nonsense. Maybe she will just “block” you. Or unfriend you.

You can avoid all of that though. Don’t follow them to begin with. Block them first if need be. Mute their conversations. It’s usually the same old shit anyways.

When I first got on Twitter, and facebook for that matter, I had a lot of women on my feeds. Lots of complaining, lots of selfies, lots of fishing for compliments, lots of telling men how to be men, lots of dating advice to men, and of course, lots of bullshit drama.

So I started unfollowing and unfriending. I stopped “liking” their posts. I stopped commenting.

Life got a lot calmer and easier. My feeds became more interesting instead of boring and a drag.

I actually started learning things.

Now my social media feeds are educational. I actually get something of value from them.

There’s a lot of talking in the ‘Sphere about “Saving the West.” I honestly don’t know if that is even possible at this point in time. But there is something we as Men can do.

Stop enabling women. Stop “liking” and commenting on their inane posts. Stop showing them support for their sub par selfies. Ignore them like you do when the ads come on television. Ignore them like the promoted ads you get on your social media platform.

Mute them. Unfollow them. Unfriend them. Block them.

If we don’t give them the attention they crave, maybe it will help slow the decline. Maybe it will encourage the woman to change her behavior. Maybe not.

Treat that pretty face for what it is. Another pretty face. They are a dime a dozen.

Make your social media platforms something educational and something of interest. Not just another way to kill time. Not just another way to release a gallon of jizz.


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5 Unpleasant Truths – Revisited – 11

adult anger art black background

Yup. I’m going there again. Brace yourselves.

  1. Your Co-Worker’s Aren’t Your Friends. I’ve mentioned this one in the past. It still stands. It’s still true. It’s still unpleasant.
  2. Some people are team players, some aren’t. Know which is which. Even more important, know which one you are and which one you are not.
  3. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But goddamn, I wish they did. But they don’t.
  4. The more efficient you are on the job, the more work you’ll end up doing. You’ll end up picking up the slack for other’s. And you’ll probably not get compensated for it to boot. (There’s a happy thought.)
  5. “They” don’t call it the “Grind” for nothing. It is a grind. It will grind your whole life away if you let it. To quote Johnny Cash:

Sixteen Tons:

You load sixteen tons and what do you get?

Another day older and deeper in debt.


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What Are You Waiting For?

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What if you gave yourself permission to succeed?

You’ve chosen your direction, you’ve decided where you want to go, you’ve even decided when you want to go. And yet, you still stall and stay put.

What’s stopping you? Whose permission are you waiting on? 

Mom and Dad? Your boss? Your significant other? Who?

If you are sitting around waiting for someone to give you permission, I’ve got news for you.

You’ll be waiting a long time before that permission is granted. If ever.

What if the permission you’ve been waiting around for is only available from you? What would happen if you gave yourself permission to do whatever it is that you want to do? What would happen?

Do you think you would be able to go on with your life and do the things you want? Do you think you would be able to say the things you want? Do you think you just might have the relationships, both intimate and platonic, that you want?

Sitting around waiting for permission. Do you realize that you could sit around your entire life waiting for that permission? And it never comes?

Stop waiting around for someone else’s permission. If you have to ask someone else, the answer is usually going to be NO.

When I started this blog back in late 2016, I didn’t really give myself permission to do what I’m doing now. I didn’t take the blog seriously. I didn’t know for sure what direction that I was going to go. I hid behind an avatar and tried to stay as anonymous as possible about it.

I hid it from my friends, family, co-workers, everybody. Even myself at some times.

All through 2017 I was sporadic with posting on this blog. I would go months and months without posting a single thing, and then I would have a flurry of activity for a month or so, only to go back to nothing on end for a longer time period.

It wasn’t until late January of this year, 2018, that I decided to get serious about my blog. I decided I was going to post at least once a week. So I started doing that. I gave myself permission. I soon realized that I enjoyed what I was doing and that it was starting to create a response, so I upped it to twice a week. I gave myself permission to do that.

I then decided to change things up on Twitter. When I first started my Twitter account, it was an anonymous account with an anonymous avatar. Mostly I just trolled people and surfed nonsense. Most of the people I followed at that time had nothing of value to offer to me, and the same could be said of me to them.

I changed that up in February of this year and decided to go with my own name and changed my avatar to an actual picture of me. I dumped almost my entire list of who I was following and started over. Best decision I could have made. I gave myself permission.

The blog started getting some decent traffic on its own, I started following some really interesting and influential people on Twitter and things started to get clearer for me.

I gave myself permission to be me and start saying the things that I needed to say. And people started responding.

My Twitter feed is full of value now. I enjoy getting on and seeing what is going on there. I’m having conversations of impact with men and women that I respect. I’m learning things about myself, about them, and about life in general. I gave myself permission to have all of this.

I decided at the end of March of this year to start an e-mail list. I wanted to be able to interact with more people on a more personal level. To be able to share even more intimately than I do on this blog. Best decision I’ve made to date on that one. When I first started the e-mail list, I figured I would have it be a weekly or bi-weekly thing. That lasted a whole two weeks. Then I decided to make it a daily thing. From that time forward, I haven’t missed a single day of sending out something to my list.

That list continues to grow. My subscribers have become even more engaged with me. Man, it’s been awesome.

I was worried initially that doing a daily e-mail would be too annoying and spammy. Then I decided to hell with it, gave myself permission to do it anyway, and now I’m doing it.

Then I decided to resurrect my YouTube channel. I decided to start creating content there as well as here on my blog and on my e-mail list. I gave myself permission to do that as well.

My subscriber count there is nothing to brag about, but it’s starting to grow there as well. And I’m grateful for those that have subscribed, it tells me that they are finding something of value there as well.

I wondered and worried for a minute that I would run out of time, or worse that I would run out of things to say on all my different platforms. So far that hasn’t happened. I make the time to say the things I want to say for each platform that I want to say it on and I give myself permission to not worry so much about what I’m going to say.

Giving myself permission to not worry about what I’m going to say next has been huge. Now things show up. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking out my ass, not sure where I’m going to go with it, and that’s okay. It ends up going where it needs to go. I gave myself permission to let it go where ever it needs to go and let it end up being what it needs to be.

If I can do all of this while holding down a full time job with 50 hour workweeks sometimes, a part time side gig, a full time live-in relationship that just keeps getting better and better, and still find time to do stuff just for me, as well as doing a decent amount of self care and getting enough sleep, what do you think would be possible for you if you just gave yourself permission to do it?


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